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Bow Gallery V

The bow shown on this page was made as a commissioned work and is no longer available.  It is a copy of a bow made by the famous English bow maker John Dodd, circa 1805.  My copy is made of pernambuco and the frog and button of fossil ivory trimmed with sterling silver.  Please contact me if you wish to have a similar bow made on a custom basis.

As can be seen from these two images, the mother-of-pearl slide is engraved with a floral design, as is the original bow.

Although the original bow tip is missing the center region, I constructed my copy with a mother-of-pearl trapezoid, which is what I believe the original probably had.  The fossil ivory tip of my copy is inlayed with a rim of ebony strips around a mother-of-pearl center region.  I put a few in-progress images of the tip inlay process below.  In my opinion, this was by far the most difficult part of making this bow.